As we need to record, store, and/or transmit the screen contents, which refer to videos/images generated/rendered by computers or some other electronic devices, Screen Content Coding (SCC) is important and indispensable, and has been used widely for various applications, e.g., desktop sharing, video conferencing, and remote education. Unlike natural videos/images, screen contents may not be very smooth and usually contain lots of characteristics that depend on which category they belong to. For text or graphics contents, for instance, it is much sharper and with high contrast, so users can easily perceive the abnormality if any little artifact exists. Thus, a very high fidelity of the decoded video/image is usually required for coding screen contents. To handle well these contents can promote the development of many applications, and even make more new applications possible, and that's what we work for. (Reference: JCTVC-B084)


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