Department of Computer Science, National Chiao-Tung University

DCP1175 (1665) Signals and Systems

Ÿ   Time of Offering: Spring Term, 2015

Ÿ   Level: Selective for CS undergraduate Students

Ÿ   Course Instructor

­         Wen-Hsiao Peng (彭文孝), Ph.D.

­         E-mail:

­         Office: EC431 (工三館 431)

­         Phone: 56625

­         Lab: Multimedia Architecture and Processing Laboratory (MAPL)

­         URL:

Ÿ   Teaching Assistant

­         Hui-Ting Lin (林惠婷)

­         Chen Cheng (鄭翊辰

­         Chia-Hua Chung (鍾佳樺)

­         Room: ES 704 (電子資訊大樓)

­         Phone: 59267

Ÿ   Course Homepage


Ÿ   Lecture

­         The course meets on Mondays from 10:10am to 12:00am (1CD) and Wednesdays from 9:00am to 9:50am (3B), in EC 015.

Ÿ   Course Outline

­         Signals and Systems (1 week)

­         Linear Time-Invariant Systems (1 week)

­         Fourier Series Representation of Periodic Signals (2 weeks)

­                 The Continuous-Time Fourier Transform (2 weeks)

­                 The Discrete-Time Fourier Transform (2 weeks)

­                 Time and Frequency Characterization of Signals and Systems (2 weeks)

­                 Sampling (2 weeks)

­                 The Laplace Transform (1.5 weeks)

­                 The z-Transform (1.5 weeks)

Ÿ   Materials

­         Signals and Systems, 2/E, S. Haykin and B. V. Veen, Wiley

­         Signals and Systems, 2/E., A. V. Oppenheim, A. S. Willsky, and S. H. Nawab, Prentice-Hall (for reference only)

­         Lecture notes from the publisher will be made available for download at the course webpage, but self-study of text is a must.

Ÿ   Grading Policy

­         15% -- Written assignment (or Matlab simulation) once every two weeks

(Homework should be done individually, but discussions are encouraged)

­         50% -- 2 mid-terms (early Apr. & mid-May)

­         30% -- Final Exam (mid-June)

­         5% -- Attendance (roll-call may be made)

Ÿ   Office Hours

­         Mondays/Wednesdays after classes in EC431.

­         Other time slots are also possible by appointments beforehand.